About This Site

Seeking: A human contact that can put me in the position to run a brick and mortar poker room

Who: I am an experienced software engineer, and poker card room manager.

What: In the next 18 months I will be:

  1. Running the COOLEST public poker room in the world
  2. Creating a replacement for the Bravo poker system [which is used in almost all poker rooms today]
  3. Selling or using said app, therefore making myself and my partners millions of dollars

I’m looking for a partner with a B&M gaming property. Terms are negotiable. I will run your poker room, and deploy the app at that property. After initial development, the app will replace the Bravo app, for use in any poker or gaming property globally. I’d be seeking a corporate partner at that point, to assist with infrastructure and management of the larger deploy.

I am a highly experienced software engineer.

This site is basically a job interview! It contains a lot of information about how I plan to run the poker room, and development of the app. It also contains a lot of information and ideas you can use in your poker room.


High end coffee bar is a business already.

The back of the coffee bar should open into back or side of the poker room.

Self service for many items on the poker room side.

SECRET FOR THOSE IN THE KNOW: Some items are for sale in the coffee counter are free in the back of the poker room for players.

24/7 to go coffee is a business already.

Idiotic Ideas in Las Vegas:
Stopping people from stealing free coffee
“Coffee for players only!” – Trespass homeless people that are causing a problem.

House Rules Sign

This sign should be posted in the card room:

Poker is a game enjoyed by civilized ladies and gentlemen. We must insist that all players hold themselves to an elevated standard of decorum. Be polite and treat others with courtesy and dignity – even when they suck out.

Please, “English only” near the table while a hand is in progress.

No digital devices of ANY kind while at the table [except doctor prescribed medical equipment]. This includes devices for texting, phone calls, laptops, headphones (wired or wireless), Bluetooth anything, computers, video recorders, cameras, or music devices. Please step away from the game. You can text between hands, but if your device is out on the table or the rail, the dealer is instructed to deal you out, 100% of the time – or they will be written up if they don’t. No exceptions. Please do not cry at the table. You can come in next hand when your device is put away. Trust us, this policy will make the games better for everyone.
From the management: “Sorry nerds. This place is for having fun. Talk to humans.”

This is a private establishment. We reserve the right to ask any one to leave at any time, and for any reason.
Be nice – especially to new players – or you’ll get kicked the fuck out.

Food service

Should have a lot of choices. Lots of different sandwiches, fried foods, pastas, rice. California style is correct. It must be affordable.

MUST MUST MUST be 24/7. It is an insane dereliction of duty to not have food service 24/7 in the poker room.

Should have takeout available

There should be a deli counter where customers can order food. The same menu is available in the poker room + secret items.

Almost all poker rooms don’t have enough space between tables

Almost all poker rooms don’t clean the rolling trays well enough. They need to be made SPOTLESS every day, essentially sanitized.

There should be paper towel rolls, anti-bacteria squirter stands, and handiwipes available at all times for guests

Poker social events

The poker room is a nexus of social activity
There should be a community bulletin board somewhere on the property where locals can post approved messages [looking for roomates, garage sales, church meetups, lost puppies etc]
Softball team
Golf club [rides to and from major golf centers]
Hostinng charity poker tournaments
The poker room should reach out to any local charitites and offer free tournaments.